This Retail Management tool is all that is needed and more to keep a company’s sales’ control in-house. It also allows to streamline all point of sale activities so as to serve customers faster and better.

This rapid retail solution can be used with a wide range of peripherals. Vouchers, issue labels, gift cards, meal tickets and many other features for retail management can be issued and serviced.

Using this tool, companies can:

  • Gain customer loyalty by attracting more new customers and retaining old ones through the introduction and use of loyalty instruments.
  • Run successful events and promotional activities in order to launch new products and/or services, and to stop using old methods.
  • Reduce the waiting time by easily identifying sold and off-the-counter products, accepting any mode of payment (card, cash, meal tickets, mobile payment, etc.)
  • Verify product availability
  • Accept almost every method of payment such as debit and credit cards, cash, meal tickets, mobile payment, gift cards, etc.
  • Easily learn to use the application because of its intuitive interface. It helps by greatly reducing time consumption.
  • Motivate the organization’s workforce
  • Issue comprehensive labels to offer customers the right info about every product and/or service in the store
  • Access every report real time on either a pc, tablet, laptop, phone, etc. Info like sales by hour, ticket customer, revenue, center, user, method of payment, time intervals, day, customers, etc. can be checked and analyzed
  • Integrate hardware peripherals
  • Receive high-quality, 24×7 support